I have enough. I do enough. I am enough.

What would happen if you failed to reach your goals? What would happen if what you want the most in your life never happened? Who would you be if all the money in your bank account disappeared?

Would you still be you?

Do you think anyone or anything can take something away from you that is truly yours?

Who are you at the core? Without all the stuff, without your family and friends, without all the failure, without all the success, without all the money, without all the old stories about “who I am?” I challenge you to sit with that. Maybe even open a journal and answer those questions for yourself.

I’ll help you out, though, because all you really are is this moment. You cannot be found in the future, and who you are does not lie in your past. Who you were then or who you will be has zero bearing on who you are in this moment. Who do you choose to be? Are you happy with who you are as you are? If you aren’t, I have excellent news…

You can choose again!

You can choose to live your life, appreciate this moment, and move forward from a place of love.

You cannot have a successful business out of fear of being broke. You cannot have a good relationship out of fear of being alone. You cannot manifest love from a place of fear.

Fear will only manifest more fear. Alone-ness will only manifest relationships that leave you feeling more alone. Feeling broke (because you don’t appreciate all the things you DO have) will only leave you feeling more broke.

You are already encoded with everything you need because everything you need is at this moment. Trust that the Universe is giving you exactly what you are asking for, and if you don’t like what you are receiving from the Universe, then look in the mirror and ask, “how does this serve me?” Everything you are going through, you are choosing to go through. Yes, I know, that might not feel good. It’s kind of hard to hear that you had a hand in your life situation. What is it you are meant to learn from this? There is always a lesson, and every lesson matters.

If you are reading this right now, then you are probably learning this lesson on some level:

You do not need to chase after the validation of your worthiness or enough-ness. You ARE worthy and you ARE enough exactly as you are in this precise moment.

Read that again.

There is nothing in this life that you must accomplish to be worthy of love. You ARE love. There is nothing that you could do that would change that. You are perfectly imperfect, exactly how you are. Love that! There is no end goal. There is no final destination.

How would you move through life if you accepted that? What would you do differently?

Watch what happens when you create from the space of “I am enough.” Your entire life will change.

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