Energy Work 101: Universal You

A Personal Guide to Your Spiritual Awakening

with Amy Hudson and Lynna Nguyen

Over the summer of 2020, we noticed many new people finding their way into . They were overwhelmed with unusual spiritual experiences that they didn’t understand. They had so many questions and ultimately wanted to know what to do with all this new knowledge.

We recognized a massive spiritual awakening before our eyes.

As intuitive healers, Lynna and I felt a responsibility to teach some of the basics of energy work – to lay the foundation from which you can build lasting, effective practices. These are tools we use in our daily lives and are by no means the only way of doing things. As a sovereign being, we encourage you to take what techniques resonate with you and leave the rest behind.

Does it feel like your world is falling apart all around you?

Do you no longer resonate with the people, places, or things that you used to like?

Do you see the same numbers (11:11, 222, 333) everywhere you go?

Are you wondering what your purpose is in life?

Are you not sure what it is you want, you just know it’s not this?

Congratulations! You’re going through a spiritual awakening!

If you have asked any of those questions, or similar ones, we offer an online course just for you.

This beginner’s course is for you if you know something significant is happening in your life, and you are on a quest for answers.

We created this course because we see many people “waking up” to their intuitive abilities. These are people who, like you, need to learn the fundamentals of energy work.

Without the proper tools and techniques, you can easily find yourself drained simply by going to the grocery store or bringing home a spirit from the flea market.

We are here to guide you in exploring the world of energy in the safest way possible.

Essential Tools

The simple yet essential tools you will learn throughout this self-guided course will help you build a solid foundation for your spiritual journey.

The knowledge, tools, and practices are the building blocks that you’ll carry with you throughout your exploration. They will help guide you and protect you along the way.

These are tools we use in our practice and are by no means the only way to practice. As you are a sovereign being, we encourage you to take what techniques resonate with you and leave the rest behind.

Your Divine journey is Universal You.

This Course is for you if...

  • You're going through a major life change (i.e., marriage, divorce, moving, loss of job, retirement, becoming a parent, recent loss of a loved one, recent accident or serious illness, etc.).
  • You're losing old friends and gaining new ones.
  • The same numbers seem to follow you around.
  • You have a newfound attraction to spirituality.
  • You feel drawn to working with plant medicine.
  • You hear ringing in your ears.
  • You can feel the presence of non-physical beings.
  • You can feel the emotions of other people.
  • You are drawn to crystals.
  • People come to you with their problems.
  • You have strong intuitive "hits" that turn out to be right.
  • You find yourself knowing things without knowing how you know them.
  • You're not sure what you want, but you know it isn't this.

What's Included?

Energy Work 101: Universal You is a self-guided course where you get instant access to all the modules. You can begin right away and work through the courses at your pace.

It includes six (6) hours of content broken down into the following topics:

Module 1: White Light Protection & Shielding, How to Cast a Basic Circle, and Cleansing & Purification (How to Use Sage)

Module 2: Meditation & Centering and Setting Intentions & Visualizing

Module 3: Grounding and Channeling Energy

Module 4: Calling Back Your Power, Cutting Energetic Cords, and Basic Intuitive Abilities (the Clairs)

Module 5: Basics of Chakras

Module 6: Recognizing Synchronicities & Your Spirit Team

You also get access to our private Facebook group for peer-to-peer support.

If you take one thing away from this entire course, this is what we hope it will be: trust your intuition.

Intuition can feel like a “gut instinct“ or some other physical sensation. When you trust your intuition, you listen to your body, and your body will always lead you to your next right step.

Your Guides

Lynna Nguyen

My purpose is to raise the vibration of Earth’s consciousness,  enhance the quality of people’s lives, and encourage unapologetic self-expression in others by creating a more beautiful planet through my modalities of energy healing, deep shadow work, and artistic expression.  I'm a nomadic wanderess, a pioneering Aries sun, a Truth seeker, a light-worker and a shadow-worker, a conscious entrepreneur, and a live-life-to-the-fullest, depth-seeking Scorpio moon + rising.

But most of all, and most importantly, I'm an eager student of the cosmos, here to learn, just as much as you are.  My hope is to create a space of sanctuary and safe haven that offers some inspiration, provides some resources, and holds space for a seeker like yourself to express yourself fully. I am here to celebrate you in your most wonderful, eclectic, intricate, strange, Divine, multi-passionate, multi-faceted self.

You're limitless, my love.  And you are so, so infinite.

You ARE the universe.

Amy Playing Bowl

My mission in this lifetime is to help as many people as possible find their path to wellness. Whether that is physical health, emotional well-being, mental stability, or spiritual enlightenment, I am a way-shower. I am here to do the work myself, then reach back on the path I traveled to lend you a hand.

We are not so different, you and I. We are both explorers. We are here searching for answers to the many questions we have about life, love, and abundance.

What you may not remember yet is that the solution and power you seek already exists inside of you. I do not claim to have all the answers for you because you already have those answers. I claim to be the creator of my circumstances and to help you see that you are the creator of yours.

We are honored to be a part of your path to remembering your true self – Universal You.

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