“A true healer does not heal you; she simply reflects back to you your innate capacity to heal. She is a reflector or a loving transparency.”

– Jeff Foster

Available Sessions


Experience a deep sense of relaxation and connection during a private sound healing session with crystal singing bowls. I offer 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions at Creatures of Whim in Lexington, KY.

Learn more about sound healing here.


This session is an hour-long sound healing designed for two people. Perfect for couples, friends, or family who want to have a shared experience.


This session is an etheric cord cutting session to help you move forward in your life. Especially when it comes to relationships, cutting the energetic cord can help break energetic attachments, helping you move on to receive new opportunities in your life. Cutting the cord can help you recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, help let go, and bring about new, positive opportunities.


You probably have lots of feelings about life right now, yes? Release the burden of heavy and difficult emotions through your sense of smell. I will guide you through identifying limiting beliefs and then dissolving them. By the end of our hour together, you will have an action plan that will move you toward your life's purpose.

The limbic center of your brain is in charge of your emotions. Nothing has direct access to it except your sense of smell! This is why you can smell freshly baked bread and be transported to your grandma's kitchen instantly.

Did you know essential oils work directly with your limbic system to "unlock" and release feelings, so you don't have to keep stuffing them inside – feeling more and more overwhelmed? Well, they do! Oils can access this part of the brain as nothing else can. So they can help with all those feelings playing ping-pong in your brain.

The essential oils needed are provided for this session only.


Activate and balance your chakras with crystals and energy healing techniques. During your one-hour session, I place crystals on and around your body to amplify, attract, or repel different kinds of energy.


Chakras are spinning energy centers in the body. The seven main chakras align with your spinal column and coincide with "high traffic" zones of nerves, veins, and arteries. Each chakra governs an area of your body.

Root Chakra – Base of the Spine
Sacral Chakra – Sexual Organs/Lower Intestines
Solar Plexus Chakra – Stomach/Upper Intestines
Heart Chakra – Heart/Lungs
Throat Chakra – Throat/Jaw
Third Eye Chakra – Forehead
Crown Chakra – Top of the Head

When your chakras are not functioning normally – especially over long periods – you'll feel it negatively impact your physical body.

Clearing chakras can clear stagnant energy, increase vitality, relieve pressure, reestablish balance, and improve your body's normal functions.


Whether you're going through your first spiritual awakening or your fifth one, sometimes it's helpful to talk to someone who has been there and can validate your experiences.

Spirit guides us as we dive into what's coming up in your life and helps us determine how to best work through it.

Work with Me in Person


When you and I meet in person, it could be in your home, the tiny house, a coffee shop, a restaurant, or other business. The setting will depend on what kind of work we will do together. For example, sound sessions are done in a private setting at Creatures of Whim.


In-person groups are generally group sound healings or classes on essential oils. These can be public or private group sessions. We can hold them in your home, the tiny house, or various public venues depending on the work we are doing together.

Work with Me Online


When we meet online, I typically use Zoom. These sessions are almost always intuitive coaching calls to help you work through energetic blocks. These mentorships are scheduled once every two to three weeks and continue until we feel our work together is complete. It can last three months to a year.


Much of my group work online is done within the container of The Sound Circle. I created this community off of social media to bring you together with people who are equally committed to their expansion and so you can have a more efficient and valuable experience with me and each other.

What It's Like

If we’ve never met, here are some words used to describe me: honest, authentic, and unapologetic. I am unapologetic about being honest and authentic. I offer an alternative perspective to your situation that may not be what you previously considered. My goal is to give you practical and actionable steps to work with by the time we part ways, not to do the work for you. Therefore I work with highly motivated individuals who are ready to see tangible changes in their lives.

Whether you’re coming for a sound healing, sitting with plant medicine, or attending a wellness retreat, you’ll receive direction, motivation, encouragement, real talk, and results. When we work together, I listen to you and look for hope in your story and your life. I may point out ways to be more impeccable with your word or opportunities that you’ve previously ignored. I may suggest small steps you can take or changes you can make to build your confidence slowly. In a short time, you may find yourself in situations or places you never thought possible before taking the leap.

When you work with me, I will be helping you help yourself. As Louise Hay said, “no one method or one person or one group has all the answers for everyone.” I am not the only person who can do this, yet I may be the one with which you resonate the most right now. It’s a feeling in your gut that says, “there’s more for me here.”

When I’m choosing a mentor or facilitator, it isn’t about their qualifications or “worthiness” of my money; it’s about who compels me to be better. Who seems like someone I could talk with for hours or who I would want to listen to at length. A mentor is someone who ignites a spark, who activates you. This is my specialty. I find a way to push all your little buttons so that YOU make the changes needed to excel in whatever way is meaningful for you.

Other ways to work with me

Purple Door, Tiny House

My sacred little space is perfect for someone that wants to meet one-on-one. We can gather for various reasons, including but not limited to an essential oil consult, an energy reading, a sound healing session, or even an overnight, private retreat space. You can make it what you need it to be.


As a healer, way-shower, activator, and teacher, it is important for me to open space to others who are prepared to find and follow their life's purpose. When you are ready for a deep, curated experience that opens new avenues for growth, click the button below, and we'll explore them together.

Spiritual Retreat

Half-Day Spiritual Retreats are offered through Creatures of Whim. I team up with Eleanor Mila to offer a half-day spa package that includes three healing sessions plus a personalized care package for you to take home. The total time commitment is approximately four (4) hours.