General Uses

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be obtained from roots, seeds, shrubs, flowers, leaves, and trees, and bring health and healing to the body. The chemistry is extremely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.

Oils were one of mankind's first means of wellness. They are very complex and very powerful which is why they are able to reach every part of our bodies on a cellular level. Within minutes of using or breathing it in, essential oil molecules can be found in every organ in your body!

The fragrance of the oils works on the limbic system in the brain where emotions are stored and can help relax and clear the mind as well as release emotional trauma which is crucial for our overall wellness. They can have profound physiological and psychological effects too.

There are many benefits to Young Living's Oils including the following:

  • Reach every cell in your body when applied topically
  • Support the natural detoxification process in your body
  • Help support your body's natural regeneration process
  • Have the capability of passing the "blood-brain" barrier

Three Ways to Enjoy Your Oils

TOPICALLY means to apply directly to the body. I always recommend that you dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil – like coconut oil or grapeseed oil – until, at the very least, you know how your body is going to react to the oils. Some essential oils are “hot” oils, so you’ll always want to use a carrier oil with them. Examples of hot oils that should always be diluted include: Cinnamon,  Clove, Oregano, Peppermint, Thieves, and PanAway

AROMATICALLY means to breathe in the oils. In your Premium Starter Kit, you’ll get a diffuser and that’s the easiest way to use essential oils. You can also put a drop or two in your hands and cup them over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. You could even put a little essential oil on a cotton ball and stick it into the vents of your car!

INGESTING your oils means to swallow them – either in drink or food or by filling a vegetable capsule. Some people are comfortable with ingesting essential oils while others are not. This is a very personal choice and you should do what you feel most comfortable doing. Not all oils are made to be ingested, so please refer to the label of each oil for proper usage instructions.

NOTE: All Vitality essential oils are part of Young Living’s dietary oils line and are Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) to consume and can be ingested if you choose to do so. I’m sure you will recognize many of these oils as common herbs you already use in your kitchen: Basil, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Coriander, Dill, Fennel, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Oregano, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon, and Thyme to name a few. All Vitality oils have a white label for easy distinction. 

How I Use Oils

Now that we’ve read a little bit about the general uses of essential oils, let me tell you a little bit about how I use them. Primarily, I use essential oils for emotional well-being and spiritual work. I absolutely use them for physical and mental well-being also, it’s simply not my emphasis. When you ask me how to use a particular essential oil, the first kind of usage that comes to mind is the emotional or spiritual benefits. In my reference guides, this is referred to as the “fragrant influence.” Let me give you a few examples: 


  • Lavender

    Calming, relaxing, and balancing, both physically and emotionally.

  • Peppermint

    Purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind.

  • Lemon

    Promotes clarity of thought and purpose with a fragrance that is invigorating, enhancing, and warming.

  • Frankincense

    Increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improved attitude, and uplifts spirits.


When doing spiritual, emotional, or energy work, don’t you want to make sure that your energetic tools were created with integrity? 

Frankincense oil that comes from a farm where the trees were treated with love, harvested with respect, and distilled with precision holds a completely different frequency from the frankincense oil that comes from the resin that was poached or stolen. With the popularity of essential oils, oils are sold at a rate much higher than plant material can physically be produced. This means much of what is sold on the market was either harvested unsustainably, adulterated, cut with synthetic oil made in a lab, or is completely synthetic. 

The people that Young Living hires to work with the plants – from the process of planting, harvesting, distillation, bottling, to selling – are highly respective of and honoring of the plants themselves. They use Love when handling them and thank them for their harvest and their therapeutic benefits. THIS intention is what makes Young Living different – the plants used in Young Living essential oils give permission to use their material for the purposes of helping and supporting humans. No other company in the world control their process from Seed to Seal. To learn more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal process, please click here. 

As I mentioned in My Story, essential oils came into my life shortly after the birth of my second daughter. I was going through an intense transitional time and did not feel like myself. I wanted to get a handle on my emotions before I found myself at the doctor for PPD/PPA. That’s when I learned about a collection of six oils called The Feelings Kit. These six oils – Valor, Harmony, Forgiveness, Release, Present Time, and Inner Child – were the foundation of my postpartum healing. Here is a brief description of how they work: 

  • Valor

    Helps balance the energies within the body and helps to give courage, confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Harmony

    Brings about a harmonic balance to the chakras, or energy centers, allowing the energy to flow more efficiently through the body.

  • Forgiveness

    Helps to bring a person into a higher spiritual awareness of their needs and helps raise their frequency to the point where they feel almost compelled to forgive, forget, let go, and go on with their lives.

  • Release

    Helps to open the subconscious mind through pineal stimulation to release deep-seated trauma.

  • Present Time

    Helps bring one into the moment.

  • Inner Child

    Help us to connect with our inner creativity and the ability to find more enjoyment in the little things.

When you sign up for my mailing list, you will gain access to a free guide on this kit called Feelings & Frequencies.

What I love most about essential oils is that they are so accessible. You do not need to know the science behind farming to grow the plants. You do not need to know how to harvest and distill the oils to extract the most oil possible. You do not need to know how to read sophisticated tests or learn the chemical constituents. Gary Young figured that out and left a legacy for all of us. As the father of the modern-day essential oil movement, Gary largely taught the world what they know about oils today. All you need to know is that they work. Pure, unadulterated, full-strength essential oils can change your life in all the ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Your body has a natural and intuitive vibration. Different parts of your body carry specific frequencies and those frequencies can be heard as different notes. Along our spine are seven points of concentrated energy that line up with where masses of veins, arteries, and nerves come together. Energy healers refer to these seven energy centers as chakras.

It is commonly accepted that the chakras naturally tune to the following notes: 

    • Root = C 
    • Sacral = D
    • Solar Plexus = E
    • Heart = F
    • Throat = G
    • Third Eye = A
    • Crown = B

When the frequencies in our bodies are lowered and become “out of tune” you will notice those areas becoming more susceptible to illness and dis-ease. When this happens, the cells in that part of your body can hold toxins that are not beneficial. The sound of the crystal bowls offers a pure vibration that your body will naturally attempt to resonate with which is exactly the way the essential oils work.

If there are certain areas of the body that are particularly problematic, finding the natural frequency of that area and playing it will bring it back into resonance and “back online.” When this happens, our bodies have a miraculous way of healing themselves.

Essential oils alter the vibration of the individual and the environment according to the quality and characteristics of the plants. This is what oils and crystal bowls have in common and why, when combined, sound healing and aromatherapy are a powerful form of transmuting energies on many levels. They provide a powerful catalyst for change and are beneficial for all healing experiences.

Want to try Oils?

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