My Story

Everyone generally goes through a major life transition every seven years or so. This is certainly true for me even if it’s not an exact science. The end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 was a pivotal point in many people’s lives. Some got married, had a baby, experienced death, lost a job, moved, started a business, etc. I am no exception; I got divorced. It wasn’t fully unexpected to me, but it was to everyone else, and it started a domino effect that eventually changed everything in my life. It was the catalyst that led to my spiritual awakening.

I always considered myself to be a spiritual person. Yet I learned there are different layers of spiritual awakening. Stating your spirituality and living it are entirely two separate steps. I understood conceptually what I believed to be true, yet those concepts had never been tested. It wasn’t until I began to assert my beliefs that the ripple effect began. Then came the time to put my beliefs into practice and my life “fell apart.” Living in integrity is wildly important to me and you can rest assured that I do not ask anyone else to do what I am not willing to do myself.

Waves of Change

I was lucky to have about two years to fully integrate my divorce before the next tidal wave of change moved in. In April 2015 I sold my house and began building a tiny house that I designed. Everything about that process and that house was a declaration of my newfound independence. I had survived an emotional upheaval and this house was to be a refuge for myself and my 5-year-old daughter. At one point my mother asked me why I was doing it as it seemed asinine at times. I responded that there would never be another point in my life where I could do anything I wanted to do without needing to consider someone else’s opinions. I never had to compromise on the paint colors (with the exception of my daughter’s room), the flooring, or the cabinetry. I didn’t need to consider someone else’s wants when it came to the floor plan, fixtures, or fabric. I painted my front door bright purple much to the chagrin of anti-purple people. It’s my lovely little house. Only nine months after moving in though, I found out I was pregnant. It was bittersweet. I longed for a baby with my soulmate and also knew that my life in the tiny house would be short-lived. Eleven months later, we moved out and “Purple Door, Tiny House” became a mainstay on Airbnb.

My second daughter’s birth in July 2017 was easily the catalyst that threw me completely out of my comfort zone. I really had no idea the changes my family would experience after Emma’s birth. Within a span of 6 weeks, I had a baby, got married, and moved out of the tiny house. The upheaval in my life at that point while anticipated was hard. The birth wasn’t at all what I expected or, dare I say, wanted. I intended for a home birth, in the birthing tub, in the living room of my tiny house. What I got was a surgical birth, commonly referred to as a c-section, and a broken heart.

The Breakdown

People are quick to dismiss a mother’s feelings when her birth plan doesn’t go her way. “Oh… you know birth plans never pan out.” “Things never go as planned in childbirth.” “At least you have a healthy baby!” were all sentiments thrown my way and invalidated my feelings. Not only did I feel completely physically broken, but I also began to doubt my very belief in the Divine. All my intending, attracting, manifesting and affirming failed. What did I do wrong?

Fast forward 4 weeks and I’m fine on the surface but underneath, I’m a mess. I didn’t feel right, I wanted to run away, and my baby cried all. the. time. She couldn’t help it, I couldn’t help it, and my poor husband was barely keeping it together between working and lack of sleep. On social media our life was picture-perfect, but that’s the beauty of a snapshot. You can fake it. My husband has a degree in acting, literally.

Glimmer of Hope

Around the time I developed mastitis, a class about essential oils came across my Facebook newsfeed that piqued my interest. It was about using oils to support your emotional well-being. I read the information and it was an immediate “yes” for me. Shortly thereafter I got my Premium Starter Kit with Young Living and I began to see a glimmer of hope during a depressing time.

In early 2019 I made the difficult decision to leave my longtime job as an event coordinator. That job anchored me through eleven years of ups and downs. Two weddings, one divorce, two babies, buying, selling, and building houses, and so many more life lessons. Letting go of that job meant fully stepping into my power as a businesswoman. I now own two businesses and co-own a third. I am able to stay home when my babies need me and travel when I want. I can play a larger role at the girls’ school and can enjoy lunch dates with my fellow boss babes. I am living the life that I could only dream of seven years ago.

Finding My Purpose

My mission in this lifetime is to help as many people as possible find their own path to wellness. Whether that is physical health, emotional well-being, mental stability, or spiritual enlightenment. I am a way-shower. I am here to do the work myself then reach back on the path I traveled to lend you a hand. We are not so different, you and I. We are both explorers. We are here searching for answers to the many questions that we have about life, love, and abundance. What you may not remember yet is that the answer and power you seek already exists, inside of you. I do not claim to have all the answers for you because you already have those answers. I claim to be the creator of my circumstances and to help you see that you are the creator of yours.

Right now we are diving very deep into our pain, into our fear, into our hopes, and into our dreams. Rising to the surface are the parts of you that need to be seen, again. No matter how many times we’ve been here before, it comes back around until there is no more fear. Only peace, love, and joy. Yes, your fear may motivate you into action AND it is holding you back from releasing all the pain you’ve felt for years. Lifetimes even. I feel your pain. We are connected. All of us. And all of us are needed to do our seemingly small part in this great big world. A few months ago I asked, “what is MY part in this shift? What can I do?” The answer came loud and clear.

Play the Bowls

My part is to play for you, to inspire you, to activate you, and to move you. The vibration of the crystal bowls extends far beyond your ability to hear them. Their influence brings recalibration, alignment, and balance long after the sound fades out. Whether you believe it or not, it makes a difference. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. I’ve felt it. And you will too.

People and Products I Love

With the popularity of essential oils, oils are sold at a rate much higher than plant material can physically be produced. This means much of what is sold on the market was either harvested unsustainably, adulterated, cut with synthetic oil made in a lab, or is completely synthetic. Young Living Essential Oils are all treated with love and respect from the process of planting, harvesting, distillation, bottling, and selling. No other company in the world controls their process from Seed to Seal.

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I began incorporating ceremonial cacao into my self-care ritual in 2017. This plant medicine helps me to open my heart and reconnect with a sense of gratitude. Cacao ceremonies are helpful for gaining clarity, setting intentions, and doing healing work and inner-processing. Regularly working with unsweetened chocolate can have therapeutic health benefits, including creating new neural pathways that change our daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection.

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People ask me all the time, "Where do you get your crystal singing bowls?" There's no shop in my area to visit, so I've purchased all of my bowls online. After trial and error, I found Sunreed Instruments. My favorite feature is being able to listen to the sound of the bowls on their website before making a purchase. Every order has been perfect, and the customer service is top-notch!

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Lynna is an artist, conscious creator, designer, blogger, entrepreneur, business owner, lightworker, world traveler, and energy healer all rolled into one! She also created and owns Creatures of Whim which is where I offer my weekly sound healing sessions. We met through an energy worker in 2019 and connected right away. Our first group healing together sold out, and it became clear that Spirit wanted us to work with each other. Her light and grace are a complete blessing in our community, and I feel honored that she opened her heart to me.

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I’ve known Neelun since 2008. We first met in the wedding industry. I ran the venue; he catered the food. After those seasons passed and chapters closed, we circled back around again. This time I managed the Purple Door, Tiny House; he owned the cleaning company. To say we make a great team is an understatement.

Neelun's specialty – as I tell it – is protection. If you need your space blessed or a spirit banished, he's your guy. He holds space and protects it fiercely. He's frequently found hunting mushrooms in the forest, which is why I call him my "mushroom man."

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