Tinnitus and Your Developing Gifts

Tinnitus and your developing giftsI was born with my ears ringing.

I was diagnosed with hearing loss very early in life. I don’t remember when exactly. I remember having my hearing tested annually by an audiologist at Brescia College (now Brescia University) in Owensboro, KY, where I was raised. It was a large room divided by a glass wall and a lot of equipment. I specifically remember this little printer with a spool of white paper with a graph. This needle-like pen bounced up and down, drawing squiggly lines over the grid as the machine ran. It was mesmerizing. They placed headphones over my ears and handed me a button connected to a long cord. I was to press the button whenever I heard a beep or a tone in one of my ears. They would tell me in which ear to expect to hear the sound. The tones would start out sounding low and gradually increase in frequency until I no longer heard the beeps. Afterward, they would tear off the paper with the squiggly lines and talk with my mother. I don’t remember much of what was said other than getting the validation that I couldn’t hear all the tones they played through the headphones.

Occasionally, people will ask me, “When did it start?” Well, I was so young that I developed a speech impediment. You see, I could not hear the sounds of S and Z, so I never learned to pronounce their sounds. This means that it dates back to my formative years when I was learning to talk. If it wasn’t at birth, then it was sometime before the age of 3. Since I couldn’t hear the S and Z sounds, I didn’t speak them, and due to the lisp, I was in speech therapy from the first grade through the eighth grade. As I got older, I had to learn what those sounds felt like in my mouth to know whether or not I was speaking them properly. To this day, you’ll notice that I enunciate clearly because of this training.

The type of hearing loss I experience is considered a “high-frequency hearing loss.” Contrary to popular belief, I can hear just fine below a certain frequency. That threshold is somewhere between the sound of an oven timer and a distant siren. Growing up, I could not hear certain noises, such as a watch alarm or birds chirping, but I could hear people talking just fine. Side note: I do read lips, so seeing someone’s mouth is necessary to understand them. If you’re wearing a mask, I may say something like, “I know you’re saying something, but I need to see your mouth to understand you.”

It wasn’t until I was an adult, on my own journey to figure out “what does this ringing in my ears mean?” that I had a flashback. When I was having my hearing checked at Brescia, I remembered concentrating so hard as the frequencies got higher and higher. I asked myself, “Is this the sound inside my head or outside my head?” At that moment, I made a huge connection. I actually could hear all those sounds; I couldn’t tell where the sounds originated!

This means that the primary issue for me is tinnitus, or ringing in my ears, which results in hearing loss. Not the other way around! My brain filters out, effectively muting, high-frequency sounds because that’s what I hear all the time! If I heard the ringing while trying to have a conversation with you, I wouldn’t be able to focus. (By the way, your brain filters out background noises such as the refrigerator running or fluorescent light bulbs buzzing too.)

Why do I hear this ringing?

This was when I started looking for the source of the ringing. Why do I hear this? Believe me, when I say I’ve heard it all. (pun intended) Below is a list of reasons I’ve been given over the years that I have the ringing in my ears:
– Mucous in my sinus cavities
– Angels are communicating with me
– A past life injury carried over
– I heard something I didn’t want to hear when I was younger
– It’s because of the lay lines I was born on
– Nerve damage/dead nerves in my ears
– I don’t know (my personal favorite)

None of these reasons resonated with me or provided any change in the situation when addressed. One explanation that did hit home was a different kind of spiritual reason – I am holding frequencies. As we know, humans can only hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz. We also know that other animals, such as whales, dolphins, and bats, can both make and hear frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz. Higher dimensions, such as the ones that we cannot see or hear, hold higher frequencies. If your human body is “tuned” to that higher frequency, it is possible to hear those frequencies as ringing when you incarnate in a lower vibrational field (3D vs. 5D).

Hearing ringing is connected to higher frequencies.

Assuming you’ve exhausted all 3D reasons for the ringing and consulted with a physician to eliminate potential physical causes, the ringing in your ears means you are tapping into energetic frequencies that are higher than your own. At the beginning of a spiritual awakening, or as you continue to the next level, ringing in the ears is very common. Generally speaking, it means your vibration is rising, and the ringing is a physical symptom of that ascension. Some people refer to it as an “ascension symptom.” The meanings expand and grow as your spiritual journey progresses. It changes as you change.

Below I’m going to discuss different types of ringing that you may experience and what Spirit has told me regarding their nuances. Please note: these are based on my personal experiences as I have lived with tinnitus all my life.

Bilateral Ringing

Bilateral ringing is ringing that occurs in both ears. This is how I experience the ringing 100% of the time. It is a constant sound for me. This type of ringing is due to an overall increase in your personal vibration. It may happen during meditation, prayer, channeling, or anytime you’re opening your crown chakra to connect with Spirit. This is a physical symptom of communicating with higher frequencies/entities in a higher dimensional plane.

Unilateral Ringing

Unilateral ringing is ringing that occurs in one ear. I get this type of ringing periodically, but it isn’t constant. Generally speaking, this type of ringing is to get your attention. It’s like Spirit snapping its fingers and saying, “Hey! Over here!” When this happens, I almost always look in the direction of the ringing. This type of ringing is a call to re-focus your thoughts. Consider what you were thinking/saying/doing the moment the ringing happened. This is where nuance is required. Did you think about something negative or unproductive? Perhaps you could re-direct your thoughts. Did you think about an idea that lights you up? Perhaps it’s a validation. This goes back to the need to pay attention in these little moments.

Sometimes we’re not thinking about anything in particular. In those moments, it could be that we’re in a state of calm, and Spirit is using the opportunity to give you a little “tune-up.” This may occur if you’ve been feeling off-balance recently.

I’m going to take this moment to explain that I do not believe that hearing ringing in the right ear means “X” while hearing ringing in the left ear means “Y.” It feels divisive and unproductive. I certainly believe that you could find meaning in it, but that is for personal discovery instead of me telling you what to believe. Look for the patterns in your own experience. For instance, when I thought about writing this article, I heard a loud ring in my right ear. I took that to mean, “Yes! Do it!” When I thought about defining a right/left meaning, I heard a different ringing sound in my left ear. I took that to mean, “No. Not necessary.”

Low Pitches & “Gongs”

First, all pitches are meant to bring your awareness into the Now moment. Low pitches and “gong” type sounds align with nature and the 3D physical experience. When you hear a pitch that’s lower in frequency, it sounds like a note below the middle C on the piano. For me, this is a pitch lower than what I hear constantly. When I say “lower frequency,” I do NOT mean negative energy or entity.

These vibrations call you to ground your energy. While doing so, you may also feel a gentle tug downward or a sense of weight added to your body. It’s as if you have a weighted blanket on you or like gravity is extra. When this happens, breathe into the moment and the feeling. Remain present in your body, and do not allow your mind to try to figure it out. That negates the point of the moment or experience.

High-Pitched Ringing & “Pings”

These are downloads coming from a higher frequency, entity, or dimension. Your mind will rarely understand what’s happening, and again, that’s not the point. Your conscious mind is a construct of the 3D and is the smaller part of you. These are not experiences to be understood but to be experienced. The understanding comes later, and later only comes after experiencing. Your Higher Self is most often the Source of these pings. Think of it like being fed updates or information by the larger part of you that understands what’s happening. It will only give you what you can handle.

Whooshes or Muting

To me, this whooshing sound is like all the air being sucked out of the room. Everything goes quiet. Maybe not silent, but muffled, as if I hear sound through water. It’s a very isolating sound and, in my experience, doesn’t happen often. If I could use this as a sound effect, it would be the sound effect to tunnel vision. All the other sounds fade, leaving you focused on your goal. It’s a call to slow down and find your focus or balance at the moment. Literally, stop, look around, and find your focus.


Popping can happen for many physical, 3D reasons, so be sure you have those checked out before going metaphysical. Spiritually speaking, popping is a sign of energetic clearing. Much like yawning, burping, or coughing, popping in your ears is a physical symptom of release. This is especially true if the popping happens during or after any energy work, specifically if the work is focused on the throat and/or third eye chakras. Take it as a sign that “it’s working.”

Swells in Sound

Due to my hearing ringing in my ears all the time, I hear the onset of swelling in the already present ringing. You may not experience this at all, or the onset of any ringing may come on as a swell. It sounds as though someone is turning up the volume or fading in the sound and then turning it down or fading it out. It comes and goes like a wave. The key is to notice any patterns. Does it happen regularly during meditation or channeling? Does it happen when you talk to your departed loved ones? Perhaps during physical experiences such as crying or making love, you notice the ringing swell. Take note of any patterns you recognize. I always experience intense ringing that is very loud when I’m crying. I take that to mean that in those moments, I am releasing tremendous amounts of energy.

As you begin your spiritual awakening or continue to your next level, the meanings expand and grow—the ringing’s meaning changes as you change. You’ll begin to notice patterns, though. First, you reach out to others to give you the answers. This is helpful only to a point. After a while, you’ll hit a block and realize you’ve learned all you can from teachers, mentors, and friends. Eventually, you’ll see that the complete answer to why you hear this ringing lies within you.